GT MAC uses abrasive blasting media which has been carefully selected to provide corrosion control and surface preparation activities with the highest purity, most cost-effective and lowest risk materials. Extensive trials over many years and in various industries have proven that there is a direct link between abrasive quality and coating life. 

Increasingly stricter environmental and OH&S requirements mean that there is a greater onus to ensure that the selection of abrasive takes into consideration impact on the environment and operators.

GMA Garnet

Our preferred abrasive is GMA Garnet.  GMA Garnet is an almandite garnet abrasive blasting media mined from a unique alluvial deposit near Geraldton in Western Australia. Thousands of years of processing by nature has produced a deposit of tough, low dusting grains. This material is processed through a 21 stage, ISO compliant washing, drying and grading system to produce an internationally utilized abrasive blasting media.

The benefits of using GMA Garnet

Some conventional abrasives can create dust levels (above) but blasting with GMA Garnet improves visibility, safety and productivity. 

Tough durable grains produce far less dust when blasting, providing a safer worksite and higher productivity.  Each grain achieves more work and production time can be reduced as a result.

The nature of garnet makes it suitable for removing a broad range of containments from many different substrates such as: heavy coatings, shell and barnacles, rust and corrosion, the preparation steel old and new and provides a sound surface for the application of protective coatings. We have the ability to achieve 80UM and beyond.

GT MAC experienced abrasive blasters and tradespeople ensure the quality of work is delivered every time.  Our NACE Level 3 Inspector is always on hand to examine the surface profile for readiness of coatings.

Benefits of GMA Garnet
» Lower Dust Levels
» High Productivity
» Lower Consumption
» High recycling ability