GT MAC industries has completed a wide range of projects in varied locations throughout south east Queensland.  Marine vessels from 8m to 70m long, ranging from new builds to dry docking services, as well as large scale infrastructure projects.

Some examples are:


As the subcontractor to Harrap Constructions, GT MAC Industries was awarded the contract to supply abrasive blasting and protective coatings for the construction of an offshore plant and infrastructure at Gladstone.  With a 1.8km approach jetty and transfer tower platform, wharf, wharf conveyor including the drive and take up tower, berthing and mooring dolphins, ship access platforms, jetty conveyor and transfer tower associated with Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Pty Ltd’s (WICET) Project at Gladstone in Queensland.

This export facility will assist in satisfying global demand for thermal and metallurgical coal. The new terminal will be at Golding Point, to the west of the existing RG Tanna terminal in Gladstone.

Project involved the construction, abrasive blasting and painting and mobilisation of the 280 ton cantitraveller.

Karribi – Landing Barge

GT MAC Industries was the preferred supplier for abrasive blasting and protective coatings for the Karribi, a landing craft of 45.4m in length.  Full blast of the hull below water line and 70% of the remaining substrate.  Followed by a complete application of coatings from the top of the mast to the bottom of the keel.