GT MAC has experience in using the highest quality protective coatings.  Our regular suppliers are: International, Hemple, PPG and Jotun Marine and Protective Coatings.  Our NACE Level 3 Coatings Inspector is on hand with many years’ experience in advising and assisting owners and or operators in selecting the paint system that will provide the optimum protection to suit their needs or alternately, we welcome those customers who advise which product they prefer to use.

GT MAC Industries works closely with our coatings suppliers to ensure each project has had the benefit of a qualified Painting Inspector representing their brand. 


There are various products that effectively prevent corrosion and fouling on any vessel. We are always kept up to date with research into protective coatings, new products on the market and improvements to already available coatings to ensure you have access to the best product available.

From antifouling, shop primers and top coats, there is a coating to suit your specific need.  Excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion protection is the best choice for any ship owner. For topsides, decks and superstructures, below water, in ballast tanks and specialist areas there is a product that meets your need - protecting your investment well into the future.

Our attitude

GT MAC takes painting very seriously.  Our experienced team of tradespeople take pride in ensuring you are happy with the work and the result achieved.  Maintenance of paint work is a requirement to keep any vessel clean and tidy, and visually is a proud representative of her owners when on the water. It is also to prevent corrosion and fouling thereby maintaining maximum efficiency and, hence, value. Counteracting the efforts of corrosion and fouling are principal considerations when choosing a paint system and planning maintenance of paintwork.